Why We Volunteer

“The Clifton Heights Fire Company is a great place to belong. It is a small community where there are still strong family ties, not only in town, but in the fire company. We are still 100 percent volunteer.”Chief Jim Kneass
“In the fire service, there's always something to do. Nobody is ever left out or left behind.”Bill Rafferty
“Joining the Clifton Heights Fire Company will introduce you to a wealth of knowledge and a great group of people. The amount of experience and knowledge our officers have is unparalleled in our area.”James Salmon
“I volunteer because it gives me the opportunity to help the community. It gives me a sense of pride to aid in helping keep my community safe.”Steve Harper, Captian
“We are the pride of the pike.”William Rafferty, safety officer
"I have benefited from the volunteer experience because I have met some outstanding people who have become like family. What makes Clifton Heights different is our pride in our past and our preparation for the future."Nick DePompeo, deputy chief
“I’ve personally benefited from volunteering at the Clifton Heights Fire Company. It’s given me the training to be able to help people in my daily life, for example CPR and first aid trainings.”Joe Ramey
“I love helping others and I love volunteering. Clifton Heights Fire Company is a family and we take care of each other.”Stephen Goetz
“I volunteer in the fire service as a way to help in the local community where I live, as well as a great way to meet and interact with other individuals who share similar beliefs.”Barton Brenner
“I volunteer as a firefighter to assist my community in their most critical time of need. Clifton Heights Fire Company is rich with history and dedication. The executive leadership has always provided the best safety equipment and training. This is one area where CHFC stands out.”Larry Mellon

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